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Spanish to English; translations are certified for the academic and immigration authorities of Great Britain, the USA, Canada, Ireland, etc on request.*




Marketing, International Trade, Finance, Economy, Tourism, etc.

The Sciences:

Geography, Medicine, Politics, History, Linguistics, Education, etc.


passports, certificates, references, CVs, contracts, formal letters, etc.


Document proofreading:


Proofreading of reading in English so that theses, reports, articles for publication, transcriptions, creative writing, etc. reads as naturally and flawlessly as if it had been written by an educated and articulate native speaker.




Italian to English


In-house translator for "Acorn Tours”              

Rome, Italy           February 2008 to date.

In-house translator for “Trinity School”          

Rome, Italy           November 2005– July 2008


Spanish to English


Translator for “Global Language Solution (Bolivia)”

Cochabamba, Bolivia              Jun - Nov 2009

On-call translator for 'Ameritran' translators                      Cochabamba, Bolivia              Feb - Nov 2009


Other Languages to English


Experienced in Dutch and German to English on a private basis.




CAT:  Trados, Wordfast, Anaphraseus, Virtaal, TM Database


Spanish/English  Dictionaries:       



“Routledge Technical Dictionary”, “Collins Master Dictionary”

“The Red Hot Book of Spanish Idioms”

“Word Magic Medical Dictionary”



“Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary” (English),

“Oxford Thesaurus, A Dictionary of Synonyms” (English),

“Larousse Gran Diccionario de la Lengua Española” (Spanish)




Translations are priced in pesos per source word according to genre;

Generic: 37.5       Technical: 40       Legal: 42.5           **


Minimum fee of CHP10,000.


*Certification of translation bears an additional cost in accordance with the prerequisites of the respective authority.


**Rates do not include tax (10%)




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