English for all levels in a variety of contexts through language work and developing the four basic skills with external aids.

14,000 CLP per hour

 English for Business professionals with emphasis on skills and language work in the  context of international business practice using authentic texts and other related materials.

14,000 CLP per hour

For high level speakers of  English who wish to maintain their fluency and work on the finer points of the language.

Extensive conversation practice highlighting idioms and finer shades of meaning with post-conversation language review.

12,000 CLP per hour

Preparation for recognized and required exams English for study in or immigration to English-speaking countries (such as the IELTS or TOEFL) through exam strategies, practice, skills work and essential Anglophone cultural references.

15,000 CLP per hour

General English

Exam Preparation

Accent Training

Business English

Conversational English

Accent reduction, particularly useful for those who use English by telephone, international actors or for non-native English teachers through phonetics training, drilling and theoretical study.

14,000 CLP per hour

Classes incur a surcharge of 1,000 to 2,000 for lessons at the student's home or office plus travel costs if applicable. The surcharge varies according to distance. Prices quoted do not include tax.

Please e-mail me for any further enquiries at bosullivan@professionalenglish.cl


Brian Joseph O’Sullivan

Professional English

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