Brian Joseph O’Sullivan

Professional English

About Mr. O’ Sullivan

           Brian O’Sullivan is a professional English teacher from the Republic of Ireland. He is 35 years old and currently lives in Rancagua, Chile.

           He started out working as a multilingual market research operator in the Netherlands in 2000, but since November 2003 has been teaching English to speakers of other languages in Ireland, Italy, Bolivia, Argentina, and Chile, with professional experience working both as a teacher and in middle to upper academic management and training seminars as well as in translation and occasional interpreting.

           He holds multiple qualifications and certificates in English Language Teaching, including a CELTA Pass A awarded by the University of Cambridge.  Of ample linguistic abilities, he is bilingual in both English and Irish (Gaelic) and also speaks German, Italian, Dutch, Afrikaans, French, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese and Aymara.

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